Highlights for April include:

  • We will be introducing a new official website that will describe the facility concept and highlight some of the features we hope to include
  • A list of potential sponsors, strategic partners, and funding partners, along with information meetings to be held and conducted with each Team Leader.
  • We recognize that meeting with potential funding partners may not happen until some time between June and August due to the state of their businesses as a result of the pandemic. We will include a notification of the new website along with a thoughtful approach to establishing future meetings to discuss funding opportunities and keep our community advised of our progress.
  • Interfacing (even just electronically) with our contacts at the three levels of government continues without any significant interruption as planned. We will continue to touch base with them, but understand their attention and energy is focused on the pandemic and the repercussion affecting the public. We have had continuous encouragement from them in casual conversations, so we remain optimistic.
  • Due to the economic conditions that we are now experiencing it is safe to assume that all the aquatic clubs and organizations are truly short of revenue and therefore are probably not good sources for us to consider approaching.
  • The National Sports organizations including Diving Canada, Canada Artistic Swimming and Water Polo Canada have all confirmed their support. Again, due to the pandemic, in dealing with the cancellation of their 2020 competitive programs, including the Olympic Games, their interaction is limited at this point. We remain optimistic and appreciative of their continued support plus their advice, enthusiasm, and encouragement.
  • An original fund development concept was presented to us for consideration that includes a telemarketing strategy. One of our key Directors has contacted four telemarketing organizations that specialize in providing funding support to not-for-profit organizations like ours. More details will be forthcoming on this exciting opportunity in future editions of the NAqC BLOG found on our website.