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Our Prime Location: Hurdman Park, Ottawa

Immerse yourself in the future of sports and wellness at Hurdman Park, the chosen home of The National Aquatics Complex (NAqC). This expansive 29-acre site, adjacent to the Hurdman LRT Station, is poised to become a dynamic center for athletic excellence and community engagement. Here, NAqC’s vision will unfold, offering a diverse array of sports facilities, a comprehensive health unit, and inclusive high-rise accommodations, all connected by Ottawa’s vibrant transport network.

Discover why Hurdman Park is more than just a location—it’s a carefully selected site where dreams take shape and thrive. From its easy accessibility to its potential for expansion, every aspect of Hurdman Park has been considered to ensure it supports the NAqC’s mission and contributes to its sustainable future. Explore the potential of this site through our interactive Google Earth presentation and envision the exciting developments on the horizon.

Conveniently Located Near Ottawa’s Cultural and Historic Landmarks

Explore Ottawa from The NAqC:
Your Gateway to the City's Best Attractions

Welcome to the heart of Ottawa’s vibrant life! Situated at Hurdman Park, the National Aquatics Complex (NAqC) is not just a hub for aquatic excellence but also your perfect starting point to explore some of the city’s most treasured attractions. Whether you’re looking to delve into Canada’s rich history, enjoy vibrant marketplaces, or partake in cultural festivities, NAqC’s strategic location puts you within easy reach of it all.

Here are some of the top attractions along with their distances and approximate travel times from NAqC, ensuring you can plan your visits with ease:

0 km

Parliament Hill

The political heart of Canada, just a 10-minute drive, 45 minutes by foot, or 15 minutes by public transit.

0 km

ByWard Market

Dive into Ottawa's lively food and retail scene—a quick 8-minute drive, or reach it by public transit in 18 minutes.

0 km

Canadian Museum of History

Across the majestic Ottawa River, accessible in 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes via public transit.

0 km

National Gallery of Canada

Home to inspiring art collections, a mere 9-minute drive or 20 minutes by public transit.

0 km

Canadian War Museum

Esteemed for its extensive Canadian military history exhibits. Reachable in 10 minutes by car, 50 minutes on foot, or 25 minutes via public transit.

0 km

Rideau Canal

A historic waterway filled with boaters in the summer and skaters in the winter, this canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site., ideal for leisurely strolls or a 7-minute car ride.

0 km

Lansdowne Park

A recently rejuvenated epicenter for events and activities, reachable in 12 minutes by car or 20 minutes by public transit.

0 km

Canada Aviation & Space Museum

Explore aviation history, 15 minutes by car or a detailed 40-minute public transit ride.

0 km

Ottawa International Airport

The main gateway for international visitors, 15 minutes by car or 30 minutes via public transit.

0 km

University of Ottawa

A major bilingual public research university in the urban heart of Ottawa, known for its cooperative education programs, only a 6-minute drive or a 12-minute public transit trip away.

Your Queries Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Hurdman Park was selected for its strategic advantages, including its central Ottawa location, accessibility via public transport, and the potential for future expansion. Its proximity to major transportation hubs and the opportunity for collaboration with other sports organizations and developers make it an ideal choice.

The NAqC will feature cutting-edge sports facilities, a comprehensive health unit, accommodations, and commercial spaces, creating a multifaceted hub for athletes, residents, and visitors. The sports facilities committed and planned are as follows: 

  • Three 50-meter 10 lane pools.
  • One 25m by 25m dive tank.
  • 3 gymnasiums.
  • Land based training and weight room facilities.
  • Health facilities.
  • Offices and storage areas for Sports clubs and sports organisations.

The NAqC is designed to be a community-centric space, offering facilities and programs that cater to a wide range of users. The development will prioritize sustainability and harmonious integration with the surrounding area. The community surrounding the complex will have not only access as users (clubs and non clubs) but also access to the high-quality health facilities as a local resident.

Located next to the Hurdman LRT Station, the site boasts excellent connectivity via public transport, major roadways, and is in close proximity to the main railroad station and Ottawa International Airport.

Yes, we offer an interactive Google Earth presentation that showcases the NAqC property at Hurdman Park, allowing you to explore the site from various angles and understand its context within Ottawa.