The National Aquatic Complex (NAqC) has the potential for significant community benefit by providing a logistical flagship location for recreation and activities within the community. It will be a gathering point for community groups, offer unique opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, and relationship building, and provide much needed administrative services, and meeting rooms. It will be a fully accessible facility that will offer the Aquatics sports of swimming, diving, water polo and artistic swimming space for their programs, as well as recreational and therapy to targeted user groups.

Operating and maintaining a space for people to enjoy recreational activities is good for community’s health, wellness, and wallet. 

Choosing a physical space to build the NAqC is probably the most important element that comes with planning this sports facility.  It is essential that we consider the element of potential tourism and compatibility of the other developments in the area.  It is our goal to integrate with the property development seamlessly.  It is essential we have the support of our neighbours and will comply with the values and mission of the property development.  In planning the location of the NAqC, all of these issues will be taken into account to provide a secure, accessible and central location that will meet the needs of the target user.

This concept proposes the NAqC operate the facility,  in partnership with specific interested stakeholders including but not limited to the city of Ottawa, Provincial government and corporate investors for use by not-for-profit community groups, and control the rental allocation of the multi-purpose facility and activity areas.

The following criteria are a few of the essential elements we will consider finalizing the construction of this sports complex.

  • Proximity to important roadways and easy access to public transportation

  • Tourism – proximity to hotels as the facility will be hosting a number of events that will require hotel and tourism elements into the visits by the patrons of the complex.
  • Excellent parking

  • Safety and security of visitors to the complex

  • An area that supports environmental responsibility

  • Built in an area that will maintain its value (or likely appreciate) ensuring a good long-term appreciation of the asset

  • An excellent choice for the location will include present and future amenities in the surrounding area. A good location will have schools, housing, business offices, retail stores and other public infrastructure in the vicinity, to fully maximize the trading area for the facility’s programs and services.

  • The appearance of the neighborhood is important. Large trees, landscaping, and nearby green or community spaces would be desirable.
  • Zoning and building regulations – It’s imperative to build in a site that will be compatible with the architectural plans and operational needs will be in accordance with the municipal laws for the area before we finalize the location and begin digging.