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Pioneering a New Era in Ottawa's Sporting and Wellness Landscape
Empowering Connections

A Beacon of Innovation and Community

Welcome to The National Aquatics Complex (NAqC), Ottawa’s groundbreaking multi-sport and wellness destination poised to redefine our city’s landscape and community spirit. The NAqC isn’t just a facility; it’s the heartbeat of Ottawa’s sporting world, set to become a cornerstone of excellence, wellness, and unity.

Visionary Design and Global Standards:
At the core of NAqC’s ethos is a commitment to excellence. Designed to meet and surpass international standards, our complex offers an array of world-class sporting amenities, wellness initiatives, and recreational activities. Our facility stands as a testament to innovation, aiming to not only elevate local sporting achievements but also to spotlight Ottawa on the global stage.

Community and Accessibility:
The NAqC embodies the spirit of inclusivity and community engagement. We believe in breaking barriers, fostering bonds, and nurturing a sense of belonging among all residents. Our facilities are accessible to everyone, creating a welcoming environment where every individual can explore, engage, and excel.

Strategic Location and Sustainable Development:
Strategically located at the heart of Ottawa, NAqC benefits from prime connectivity, enhancing its role as a community hub and tourist attraction. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is reflected in every aspect of the complex, from thoughtful design to operational practices.

Key Features of The NAqC:

  • World-Class Sporting Amenities: From aquatic sports to fitness centers, every facility is crafted to inspire and challenge.
  • Wellness and Recreational Activities: A wide range of programs and services designed to promote health, well-being, and community engagement.
  • Centralized Accessibility: Prime location with excellent transport links, parking facilities, and proximity to city attractions.
  • Community Integration: A hub for knowledge exchange, community bonding, and sportsmanship, fostering connections across various groups and individuals.
  • Environmental Commitment: A pledge to sustainability, ensuring the NAqC operates with respect for our planet and future generations.

The NAqC is not merely a dream but a vision in action, meticulously crafted to transform Ottawa’s sports, recreation, and community landscape. Join us on this extraordinary journey and be part of shaping a healthier, more vibrant, and united Ottawa. Discover the NAqC, a game-changer for our city, and explore how you can contribute to and benefit from this transformative project. It’s more than a place—it’s a movement. Embrace the opportunity to be part of something truly groundbreaking.

Guiding Innovation, Inspiring Excellence

Our Leadership Team

Meet the Pioneers Behind The NAqC: A glimpse into the minds driving our vision. Below, we introduce four members of our dynamic team, each bringing unique passion and expertise pivotal to our mission to transform Ottawa’s sporting and wellness landscape. These individuals are part of a broader group of dedicated professionals who embody the commitment and innovation that define The NAqC. For a more in-depth look into the diverse talents and visionaries shaping our future, explore our full team.

Peter John Lawrence


Greg Kells

Chair of the Board of Directors

Chris Finlay

Director, Corporate Treasurer

Cindi Jacques


Your Queries Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

The NAqC will be a state-of-the-art, multi-sport facility envisioned to be the cornerstone of Ottawa’s sporting and wellness community. Our mission is to provide a world-class venue for sports, wellness, and recreational activities, setting new standards for community engagement and athletic excellence.

The NAqC stands out due to its cutting-edge design, comprehensive range of programs, and commitment to inclusivity and community development. We are poised to become a landmark in Ottawa, offering unparalleled facilities and fostering a vibrant community where everyone is welcome.

The NAqC is spearheaded by a team of dedicated professionals committed to sports and community wellness. To meet our leadership and learn more about their roles, visit our NAqC Board & Team page.

The NAqC is going to be more than a sports complex; it’s a hub for community engagement, health, and wellness. We aim to foster a sense of unity, provide a venue for local, and provincial, and national, and international events, support economic development that will benefit Ottawa through the economic impact, and promote a healthy lifestyle among community members.

There are numerous ways to get involved with The NAqC, from participating in our programs and events to joining our team or volunteering. We also welcome partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission. Visit our Contact Us to reach us and learn more about opportunities.

The NAqC is committed to ongoing growth and innovation. We will continuously explore new programs, services, and community initiatives to enhance our offerings and impact. Stay updated on our latest developments by visiting our NAqC Newsroom section or subscribing to our newsletter.