The NAqC blog is an online journal displaying information in the reverse chronological order. We hope that we will provide a platform of information where we can provide updates on the progress we have made in the development, funding and construction of the
National Aquatic Complex

The NAqC project started with a dream of providing the citizenry of the Greater Ottawa area with an aquatics complex that would measure up with the best facilities in the world. Peter Lawrence made his way to Canada in 1962 involved in R&D and then had a successful business career and as a coach and athlete in the sport of Water Polo for 56 years. Starting mid-2017 Peter initiated a plan, began to dream, and dream big! From this, ideas soon became a reality.

The building of a group of like-minded individuals and organizations has been a three-year process and individuals were contacted one by one by Peter. Although this was a daunting process, he has identified leaders and influencers in Ottawa and from all over Canada to assist with the project. They include three different categories of involvement so far within the Federally incorporated company.


The role of a Governor is to assist and counsel from marketing to managing human resources to influencing the direction of the project.  They provide strategic direction, guide quality standards, and assess project effectiveness.  Additional appointments to Governor will be considered throughout the project invitations will be extended as needs are determined.

Name Professional Affiliation
Lisa Schott President Aquatics Canada; Chair FINA Technical Committee Artistic Swimming and experienced business leader and consultant
Carolyn Waldo Media & PR consultant, motivational speaker, Emcee, Sports enthusiast, Double Gold Olympic Champion & Hall of Fame; former Sports Broadcaster for CTV in Ottawa
Bruce Robertson Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Information Technology Professional, Olympic Games medalist & Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Vice President

Board of Directors

The individuals selected to be on the NAqC board of directors have responsibility for activities of the project team from the early stages of development through to the end of construction. They are not responsible for day-to-day decision-making; the daily decisions will be made by the Project Leader and by the Team Leaders.

Name Professional Affiliation/Title
Peter Lawrence CEO, NAqC Founder/Project Leader – Retired Business Executive
Greg Kells Chair of the Board of Directors – Owner Sunbelt Business Brokers
John Moore Corporate Treasurer – Certified Management Consultant
Chuck Merovitz Corporate Secretary – Owner Merovitz Potechin LLP
Pierre Lafontaine Past High-Performance Director Swim Canada National Team. Business owner: Aquatic Facilities Design and Swim Coach.
Cindi Jacques MD Haematology.
Andrea Schwartz Smith Olympic Swimmer. Team Canada. Owner/coach B Training Masters Club.
Bosko Vukojevic Past Pres Titans WP Club. IT consultant.


The NAqC Business Advisors are independent and experienced experts, able to offer hands-on, practical help, advice, and support in specific business areas that will help make a difference to business or organization success. The selection of business advisors for this project is based on the ability to work closely on the strategy and advice to the Team Leaders and Board of Directors on various aspects, especially on facility planning and development, marketing, and finances from development through to the completion of the project. Our advisors are business coaches, mentors, accountants, high-performance sport directors, sports facility and equipment providers, and internationally recognized aquatic influencers. The list of Advisors will grow in numbers and areas of expertise as the project’s areas of emphasis will evolve.

Name Title
Bill Meyer Olympic Water Polo player, FINA member
Boris Dzerdz President of TITANS Water Polo
Dragan Jovanovic Executive Director for the World Water Polo Coaches Association
Eddie Francis Former Mayor of Windsor / FINA Canada Finance Committee
Jerry Tesanovic Head Coach of Titans Water Polo and engineer
Mitch Geller High-Performance Director – Dive Canada
Pierre Tremblay Director of Water Polo Recreational Programs
Tom Bryce Retired Manager 25 years: Saanich Commonwealth Place
Kelly Rhodenizer Director Commercial Development / ‘The REGIONAL GROUP’
Abi Tripp Olympic Champion, Para-athlete

Team Leaders

Team Leaders will assist in the process of making decisions for a specific portfolio of work activity.  These Leaders will hold the responsibility for ensuring that all decisions are in the best interests of the organization. This includes that their role is carried out effectively by selected volunteers who will either be contracted or volunteer to assist in the production of work necessary to produce the final development and construction of the NAqC.   Team Leaders will have access to relevant information to support them in carrying out their responsibilities and will hold update meetings with the Project Manager at regular intervals.

Name Team Committee Manager Portfolio
Cindi Jacques Operations Operations
Andrea Schwarz Smith Operations Operations
Jim O’Malley Program Development Program & Services
Bosko Vukojevic Information Services Technology